December 1, 2020

Add a Personal Folder to the All Programs menu

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If you want to organize some of your program shortcuts into specific folders it is quite easy in Windows Vista. Lets walk through it really quickly.

  1. Right click on the Start menu button and then choose Explore
    Note: If you want to have this menu apply to all users choose Explore All Users

  2. The Start Menu Explorer window now appears, go ahead and click on the Program folder to open it:

  3. Once the Program folder opens click on the Organize button and then click on New Folder:

  4. When the folder appears go ahead and type in a name for the folder and press Enter:

  5. Close that window, and now to see your new folder go ahead and click Start then All Programs and you can see it placed in alphabetical order:

If you want to add shortcuts, folders, or files just drag them to the Start menu then All Programs and drop them into your new folder.


  1. Awesome thank you, some how i managed to delete a folder that i always use from the “All programs”. now i don’t have to keep opening the search bar and manually locating each time. thanks you very much

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