December 4, 2020

Enable Windows DHCP & Configure Static TCP / IP

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If your reading this then chances are 100% your computer is hooked up to the Internet and more then likely has an IP address assigned to it. There are two ways that a TCP/IP address is assigned to a computer either Dynamically or manually with a Static method. These are outlined below:

Dynamic: This address is assigned automagically through the wonders of Windows DHCP. This is the default setting that Windows tries to configure and the best method of connecting to an already configured network. When you have selected to enable WIndows DHCP your computer contacts a DHCP server on the network and asks for an IP address. If your at home the DHCP server will either be from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or if you have your own router it more then likely have a built in DHCP server. This is the easiest configuration you can get as everything will be done behind the scenes without intervention.

Static: If you don't have a DHCP server running or for another reason want to give your PC a specific address you will have to configure Windows  IP manually. Though it sounds scary it is quite easy to do once you know where you are going. Here is a short walk through:

  1. Go to the Start Orb and click Control Panel. In the control panel click Network and Internet:
  2. Now click on Network and Sharing Center:
  3. In the Network and Sharing Center look along the left pane and click Manage Network Connections:
  4. This will bring up a window with your Network Connections this will vary by computer and what is installed. In our example picture I have two network adapters installed, wired and wireless, of which the wired is disables so it is not receiving a IP address. My wireless network is active though and needs an IP address to function. Note that this procedure would not vary no matter what adapted your choose. In this case you need to right click on the adapter you want to configure. Choose Properties:

    If you are not logged in as an administrator you will get a UAC prompt, click Continue

  5. You now will see the Network Adapter properties window that will have all the protocols and services attached to that network adapter. 99% of you as I am writing this article are still on IPv4 networks, compared to IPv6. If no one has told you different select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list of protocols and click Properties:
  6. On the properties page you will set the button to Use the following IP address and then configure the following according to your network:
    • IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Default Gateway
    • Preferred DNS
    • Alternate DNS

  7. In almost all the cases all you have to do is hit Ok and you will be ready to go.

If you had clicked the Advanced buttons you would have options to setup multiple IP's, Gateways, DNS and WINS settings. These are advanced concepts that are beyond the scope of this article, and if those are required you are probably beyond the scope of this article also 🙂


  1. Deidre Sellers says

    During an installation of MySQL 5.0.37, I received an error 2003 message which requires me to open TCP port 3306. How do I open a port in Windows Vista Home Premium so I may use MySQL? It is vital I learn this program for my job as a prerequisite to utilizing SQL. Thank You for your assistance.

    Ms. Sellers

  2. Deidre-

    Sorry for the delay in answering this. If you follow the directions on this page
    and substitute the MySQL port you should be good.


  3. hi, I Want my all 3 servers are accesses through internet for that i have only one Static IP and i want to configure DHCP Dynamic so pls give me more
    details of it

    replay soon

  4. Rafflesmty says

    Hi, i was configurating my modem to connect my PC to internet, and i configurated an static Ip on my Pc to have access to my modem, and that was ok. But when i tryied to reconfigurate my TCP/IPv4 to obtain IP automatically and restart my PC doesn´t work the static IP continue on my TCP/IPv4. I checked that DHCP was disable in the modem , but i can´t disable on my Windows Vista home premium.
    Am i doing the right thing? or what can i do?

  5. Hello,

    I want to know why vista or above giving problems with my internet connection.

    I got a linksys router where DHCP is off. And my webserver got a static IP adres. I got internet but it’s looks like it’s losing packets. Sometimes I have to refresh the page to see the website. 50/50.

    And with DHCP its works 100%. IPv6 isn’t active.
    Under Windows XP its work fine with static IP.
    Could you give me a good anwser to this?

    Thank you if you know the problem.

  6. during configuring dyanamic dhcp it is asking it is asking name service provider and network address. so what i have to give there

  7. My computer will connect to my network but it says.

    Primary DNS is working but not responding to attempts at connecting.

    my DHCP is disabled for that connecttion and no clue on how to enable it, please email an answer

  8. thanx 4 yo informative site

  9. Greetings again! I have one quick question.
    Using Windows Vista Home Basic with a wireless router or my laptops but hardwired to my PC, my LAN properties show ID and DNS numbers vacant and checked to acquire numbers automatically via ATT U-Verse. It takes my PC 6 minutes to fully ramp up (I keep my start-up programs down to a minimum of perhaps 6) and finally connect to the internet. Would this be in any way do to the IP & DNS configurations?

  10. Thank you Thank you thank you for posting this.

    Someone tinkered with my settings and I couldn’t connect to the internet. After trying to fiddle around for 2 hours, I stumbled upon this website, and you’ve managed to help me fix this in 30 seconds!

    Thank you again!

  11. Thanks.. It really helped

  12. Jeffrey Groot, this is the problem you’re experiencing:

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