June 18, 2018

Increase CPU Processor Performance

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A default setting in the Windows Vista power setting will throttle your CPU to 50%. Change this setting to unleash your full power:

  1. Open your power options menu by typing Power into your Start menu search:

  2. Choose the High Performance radio button and close the window

There you go a quick and easy way to increase processor performance.


  1. Karla Martinson says:

    Hi there I am very upset. The firewall on vista is so difficult to configure. I have yet to find something in laymans language that will help me set it up…I have it somewhat working but in the mean time got infected with a keylogger Trojan with no fix.
    I am not a careless user. I never had these problems with my Xp and ZoneAlarm AVG all working and up to date. I need some help….thanks Carli

  2. Hi Karla,

    Download the free Vista firewall control software from http://www.sphinx-soft.com.


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