September 24, 2015

Increase CPU Processor Performance

listen Increase CPU Processor Performance

A default setting in the Windows Vista power setting will throttle your CPU to 50%. Change this setting to unleash your full power:

  1. Open your power options menu by typing Power into your Start menu search:
    cpu power 01 wm 72x150 Increase CPU Processor Performance

  2. Choose the High Performance radio button and close the window
    cpu power 02 wm 150x112 Increase CPU Processor Performance

There you go a quick and easy way to increase processor performance.



  1. Karla Martinson says:

    Hi there I am very upset. The firewall on vista is so difficult to configure. I have yet to find something in laymans language that will help me set it up…I have it somewhat working but in the mean time got infected with a keylogger Trojan with no fix.
    I am not a careless user. I never had these problems with my Xp and ZoneAlarm AVG all working and up to date. I need some help….thanks Carli

  2. Hi Karla,

    Download the free Vista firewall control software from


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