December 1, 2020

Installing Google Pack on Windows 7 Beta

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The Google Pack contains all sorts of useful tools for the denizens of the net including the following:

  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Google Earth
  • Google Toolbar for IE
  • Norton Security Scan
  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition
  • Google Desktop
  • Picasa
  • Google Photos Screensaver
  • Adobe Reader
  • Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  • Google Talk
  • Skype
  • RealPlayer

The problem of course being that if you are using Windows 7 and go to the Google Pack website at you will see the following error: “Google Pack requires Windows XP or Vista”


Well we wont a little thing keep us from getting our Google Pack goodness on Windows 7.  First we need to do a little impersonation using Firefox.  First go download and install Firefox 3 if you haven’t already installed it at:

Once that is setup you need to download the User Agent Switcher plugin at

Once that is installed open up Firefox

Go to Tools –> User Agent Switcher –> Internet Explorer 7 (Windows Vista)


Now go to and you will see the error message is gone.  You can now choose which software you want to install.


Choose which packages you want to install and then click Download Now

You will see a recap of the packages that you have chosen to install and click Agree and Download.


You will now get a notice that you are about to download Google Updater.exe, click on Save


Once it is finished downloading navigate to the location of Google Updater.exe.  Right click on the file and left click on Properties.


On the Properties page click on the Compatibility Tab and under Compatability mode select Run this program in compatibility mode for: and in the dropdown choose Windows Vista


Click Ok when done.

Double click on the Google Updater executable and then you will be asked to confirm that you want to run the file.


Confirm by clicking Run. If UAC is still enabled you will get a popup confirming you want to run it. You will now see Google Updater downloading your requested files.


Once the downloads finish the application will now install the requested software.


There you go, you can now run Google Updater and Google Pack software on Windows 7.


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