December 1, 2020

Keyboard Shortcuts when using Folder List

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Years ago when I was working in Milwaukee one of the admins at the company refused to use a mouse for anything that could be done by keyboard shortcuts. In time he got pretty fast at it and he could usually run through things faster then his mouse using coworkers. I barely remember anyone from that company but I remember him. If you want to try to emulate this mighty keyboard warrior here are some fast and furious tips to try out:

F6 or Tab: Cycles the focus through out the window: Favorite Links, Folders, Main Window

Alt+Left Arrow: can be used like the back button on your browser. It will open the previously viewed window and once you have used it you can use Alt+Right Arrow to move forward through the recently opened windows.

Backspace: will take you to the parent disk or folder of whatever you are looking at

F2: Rename the item you have selected

ALT+Enter: Display the properties of the item selected

CTRL+N: Opens a new window at the same point you are at

Alt+D: Select the address bar. Usually followed up with a quick CTRL+C to copy the current location

F11: Maximize or minimize current folder

These really just scratch the surface, if you know of a great shortcut please leave it in the comments below!


  1. Nice post! 🙂

    F4 does the same as Alt+D: Select the address bar. Usually followed up with a quick CTRL+C to copy the current location


  2. On my laptop,a Toshiba, F4 initiates a drop-down box with the last 17 sites I’ve visited – the same as clicking the down arrow on the right side of the address bar. Alt + D does put the focus on the address bar, but F4 doesn’t.

  3. Hmm, funny Toshiba – they stole the well known key function – but glad there is another way 😉

    Also, ALT key (then let go), then F, W, F key sequence can save you some time creating folders. It’s not really straight forward as CTRL+someOtherKey but heck – better than nothing 😉

    P.S. This is in response to the comment on my site 😉 I did not find any other way to do it.

  4. Sure it is Petar your just spamming my comments! 😉 lol always happy to have you come by

  5. Lol 😉 I had to post one more 🙂

  6. slenceassop says

    Using internet is simple as hell. But I can tell y ou right now, it can be very hard, if you are the first time user.
    So, first thing I suggest – open the Explorer, and type in the address you like.
    You’ll get there really fast, it depends on your connection speed.
    Good luck.

  7. windows+M minimises the curent window…
    windows+D shows the desktop…
    windows+L locks the computer…

    well i guess every one knows them… i just wanted to add something… 😀

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