June 18, 2018

Remove RSS Feeds from the Vista Common Feed List

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I was helping a friend of mine at the office with a new install of Vista and he wanted to remove the default RSS feeds from Microsoft that come with the sidebar Gadget. In Vista, Microsoft instituted a new RSS platform that allows a structured way for other programs to use the same feed instead of having to import and export via OPML. This is called the “Common Feed List“, and unfortunately I could not see an easy way to remove these default feeds from the gadget itself.

The quickest way is to do the following:

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Open the Favorites Center (ALT+C)
  3. Click on the feeds menu
  4. Right click on the ones you want to remove and select “Delete
  5. That will easily remove the default feeds from the Common Feed List. You can also add feeds from IE to the list that the Feed gadget uses.

    I think Microsoft should be commended for trying to make RSS feed management a little easier as for power users I know people that have over 100+ feeds easy that they skim through. Having a more clearcut explanation of what they were doing would have been nice.

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