December 1, 2020

Switch Back To The Old Start Menu

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I got a IM from a friend and we were discussing his upgrade to Vista (Hi Vic!!!) and how much he liked the old interface and start menu. I had read about being able to switch the start menu back to the old XP style quick and easy. I walked him through it and decided to write it up also.

Right click on the start menu and left click Personalize

Personalize the start menu

On the Taskbar and Start Menus Properties window choose the radio button for Classic Start menu

Taskbar and Start Menus Properties

Click Ok and you will now find your start menu is just like it was in the previous versions.

Vintage Start Menu


  1. how do i make it show a small copy of the window in the taskbar

  2. Christian-

    Sorry I am not exactly clear on what you are asking. A small copy of what window?

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