October 24, 2020

Enable Windows DHCP & Configure Static TCP / IP

If your reading this then chances are 100% your computer is hooked up to the Internet and more then likely has an IP address assigned to it. There are two ways that a TCP/IP address is assigned to a computer either Dynamically or manually with a Static method. These are outlined below:

Vista Network Map

The network map is a very cool new feature in Windows that allows you to visually see on your network is connected together. It is part of the Networking & Sharing Center. Lets take a look at this cool new tool.

Public Folder Sharing

In my home we have around 5 computers and 3 computer users running at any one time. This sometimes makes for some confusing document management. On top of it these computers are all running various OS’es back to Windows 2000 because of hardware limitations and need. So when my wife wants to see a copy […]

Managing Network Discovery

One of the new features that Vista had in the networking areas was the concept of different types of networks you connect to. The three types of network are as follows: Home Work Public Location Not many people realize the ramifications of your choices when you make that first click. The biggest one being whether […]

Vista Network & Sharing Center

This week I am going to focus on articles that have to do with the Network & Sharing Center. This control panel console is used to help home users in sharing resources on their home network. Much more robust then its XP counterpart it has some nifty new features that are helpful. While the Network […]

Open UDP port 123 on Windows Firewall (Network Time Protocol)

On my internet time post there seems to be a lot of questions based on the firewall questions. Unfortunately I cant help every single person with every single different type of firewall. I will go through how to enable the Windows Firewall with explicit rules for inbound and outbound traffic that might help with others.