October 19, 2020

Enable Windows DHCP & Configure Static TCP / IP

If your reading this then chances are 100% your computer is hooked up to the Internet and more then likely has an IP address assigned to it. There are two ways that a TCP/IP address is assigned to a computer either Dynamically or manually with a Static method. These are outlined below:

Installing Google Pack on Windows 7 Beta

The Google Pack contains all sorts of useful tools for the denizens of the net including the following:

Windows 7 System Requirements

It looks like one of the biggest gripes that people had against Vista was the fact it was very resource intensive.  I am a firm believer that this was a misconception on the part of many based on the way that Vista handled memory differently then XP did.  As unfair as it may be though […]

Install Windows 7 Beta

For those of you looking past Vista already you will have taken one step closer this week to realizing that dream with the release of the Windows 7 Beta to the public.  Though it doesn’t look all that different from Vista there is quite a bit of improvement and some new features that should hopefully […]