December 1, 2020

How To Take Vista Screenshots – Snipping Tool

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Snipping Tool is a new screen grabber tool that comes included with Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate. It is very straightforward and easy to take a screenshot in Vista using this tool and has the following features:

  • Free Form Snip - Allows irregular shaped screenshots to be captured from a triangle to a zig zag.
  • Rectangular Snip - Get a perfect rectangle around whatever you want
  • Window Snip - Select a window you would like to capture
  • Full-Screen Snip - Capture your entire desktop
  1. You will find the Snipping Tool under your accessories folder:
  2. When you click on it to start it you will find the screen has a white overlay until you select a snippet:
  3. You can choose how to grab the screen shot from the various tools:
  4. In this case I used the rectangular tool and I just grabbed the middle of my desktop:
  5. When you click you get the captured area in the Snipping Tool Window:
  6. From here you can do markups with highlighters or pen tool using your mouse to mark or write. You can also send to email directly or save it to a file.
  7. Thats it!

The formats available for saving are:

  • Html
  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • Gif

All in all the snipping tool is a great addition for people who have to grab screen shots. While I still like SnagIt because of additional functionality the snipping tool is definitely a great alternative for free.

How to Install Vista Snipping Tool

Its come to my attention that not all Vista installations come with the snipping tool enabled by default.  If you need to install it I can wall you through a few quick and easy steps.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs
  4. Under Programs and Features click on Turn Windows Features On or Off
  5. Scroll down to Tablet PC Optional Components and place a check next to it

    Install Vista Snipping Tool
  6. Click Ok

Ok that should do it, happy snipping!


  1. Andrew J Lipinski says

    Snipping tool didappeared wondering how to reaquire it ?


  2. Start/Prog./Accessories/(right click)Snippet Tool…send to: desktop.
    Drag it to your Quick Launch Bar so you can get to it while surfing.

  3. I need to be able to capture screen shots and I’m unfamiliar with the whole computer thing, yet, I know I can learn. How can I utitlize the “screen shot” application?

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