December 1, 2020

Welcome to Windows Server Training

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Welcome! This site will be a compilation of Microsoft technology articles encompassing whatever I happen to be studying at the time. I migrated articles from here so I could consolidate the domain and how everything works together. I hope you like the new layouts and new site.



  1. G’day Dave

    I am just about to sit the 70-642 Exam, have you done this one?



  2. I am actually studying for that exam now, and will be sitting it probably right before Christmas. I am using a combination of MS Press Training Kit and the new training released by Train Signal for that exam.

    I was hoping to use one of the vouchers from sitting the pilot exam, but those seem to be held up until the end of that exam which they keep extending, now till Dec 31st. I guess I don’t get to save $125 on this exam after all!

    Good luck with the exam!


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