September 23, 2015

Windows Flip 3D

listen Windows Flip 3D

One of the cooler new graphical features that Vista now has is called Windows Flip 3D. If you have watched any of the hotter television shows during the Vista launch you probably saw the commercial where they recap the episode while flipping through graphic windows. This same functionality now come to your PC! There are a few gotchas though if you want to enjoy this new feature:

  • Only Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions have it
  • You have to be running Aero

  • Here is an example of what it looks like:
    flip3d 01 wm 150x93 Windows Flip 3D

    If you meet the requirements and want to see the same on your screen you can use the following:

    Windows Key+Tab: Keep your finger on the Windows key and repeatedly hit tab to “flip” through the windows. You can also use the arrow keys to move back and forth through the open windows along with the mouse scroll wheel.

    Windows Key+CTRL+Tab: The useful part of adding the CTRL key to the combo means you won’t have to hold down the Windows key while flipping through the open windows which may be a bit more convenient for some.

    There is also by default the quick launch toolbar comes with a tiny icon that will also act just like the Windows+CTRL+Tab:

    flip3d 02 wm 150x36 Windows Flip 3D

    For those of you without the Aero you can still have a somewhat cooler interface then with earlier versions. Dubbed just “Flip” minus the 3D:

    flip3d 03 wm 150x93 Windows Flip 3D

    Just like the previous versions of Windows just use the Alt-Tab combo to bring this up. Holding the ALT button and tapping Tab will cycle through the windows.



    1. James French says:

      I have Vista Ultimate with Aero but there is no default Flip 3D icon in the Quick Launch bar. How do I get it there? James.

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