October 24, 2020

Initial Configuration Tasks on Server 2008

When you finish your Windows Server 2008 Installation and login for the first time you will get a window that pops up called “Initial Configuration Tasks”.  It is a short list of all the options that Microsoft thinks you should use for a configuring windows server checklist.  For old hands it isn’t that insightful but […]

Windows Server 2008 Installation R2 Video & Guide

Windows Server 2008 Installation will for the most part be the most trivial part of what you do on the server, but some will find the video and guide a helpful start.  This guide doesn’t do anything fancy, it walks you through the initial server installation including logging in for the first time.  Some may […]

Enable File Search on Windows Server 2008 with Windows Search Service

A common question I see on Twitter and on some forums is that out of the box users are not able to search for files very easily on Server 2008 because the indexing service is disabled by default.  I am going to walk you through enabling the search features for files on the server.  To […]