December 1, 2020

Windows Vista Activation Goes Too Far – Part 2

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Ok, had some more time this morning and I started poking around various forums. It turns out that 9dragons is using a particular program called Gameguard by Nprotect to help guard against cheaters. This program acts like a rootkit and inject itself into core files, which is what Vista is detecting. It always did this on the other OS plaltforms, but Vista was the only one that really detected it. I just don’t agree with the way it handeled itself, with very nondescriptive error and deactivation.

As the game industry continues to be more Draconian in thier attempt to counter the piracy/cheating issues it really does seem that it hurts the masses more then helping them. I am not sure who to peg this on really. The game company for injecting a rootkit like program into my machine or Vista for not being able to diagnose the program better.

Appearantly there is a patch out for this that the game company has to put into place and will soon to keep Vista users from having these kind of issues.

I found more information here about what Gameguard does


  1. […] I am assuming that 9dragons uses the nProtect GameGuard, but I don’t know this for sure, that website doesn’t list any reasons he thinks it happened, just that uninstalling it fixed the problem. Update: The game does use nProtect, as he notes in another blog post here, Windows Vista Activation Goes Too Far – Part 2. nProtect has been accused of acting like a rootkit, so that is probably why Vista sees it as a bad thing. […]

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