December 1, 2020

Windows Vista Home Basic Edition

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icon_boxshothomebasic.gifI think a good place to start would be the different versions of Windows Vista. The first up would be Windows Vista Home Basic and is targetted at those that are casual PC users and just want email and internet browsing. While it includes the security features of the other versions some of the “Wowness” featues will be missing. For some users this is perfect because the simpler the better and for older PCs that might not want to enable all the bells and whistles.

The base feature set is:

  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Firewall
  • Instant Search
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • The cost for the full version is suggested at $199.00 and for the upgrade $99.95.

    Where is this version appropiate? We all have those computer challenged friends and family that are a constant drain on our cell phone minutes while they ask us this or that. With a slimmed down version with a limited feature and increased security I can see this being a recommended install for those loved ones. With the security features added in it would certainly cut down on the number of restores I have to do because of them just clicking “yes” or “ok” to whatever pops up on thier screen. They always say training is the best answer, but sometimes it just doesnt work out