December 1, 2020

Windows Vista Video Training

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Windows Vista TrainingTrain Signal realesed thier Vista training today and it covers quite a bit including the 70-620 certification exam. Being that it is almost impossible to find decent training for the certification right now this could be a real boon for those going for that cert. If you havent checked out the training from Train Signal you should really do yourself a favor and do that. They are well priced for thier market and deliver on everything they say they do!
Check out the Vista Training Demo

Some of the topics covered:

  • Know Your Installation Options and How to Install Windows Vista(the right way!)
  • Master Windows Vista’s New User Interface and Navigation
  • Users & Groups are the First Step to Securing Your Systems While Maximizing Performance – We’ll teach you the ropes
  • Learn How Vista can be Utilized in a Networked Environment
  • Now More Than Ever Users are Mobile – Understand Vista’s new Mobile PC and Wireless Features
  • Keep Your Systems Fast and Clean with Vista’s Disk Management Tools
  • Customize Windows Vista’s Security to Your Needs as You Are Walked Through NTFS Permissions, Share Permissions, Security Programs and more
  • Internet Explorer 7 and Its New Security Features in Vista For a Safer Web Experience
  • Running Software in Vista is Different Now Than Ever Before. Know What you Systems are Doing and How.
  • Need to Make Administering Your Systems Easier? We cover all the Tools you Need to speed up your tasks: Performance Monitor, Event Viewer, Management Console, etc…
  • Learn the Intricacies to Installing New Hardware and Printers Within Vista
  • Backups are Important! Know How to Do Them Right in Vista
  • Master Windows Vista’s New Group Policy Features

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