December 1, 2020

Limit the Number of Windows Displayed with Flip3D

Flip3D was one of those cool WOW things that Windows Vista marketing couldn’t show enough of. If you are using a low end machine and barely clearing the Aero performance bar you may want to limit the number of windows displayed to keep the performance hit to a minimum. If you haven’t seen it yet […]

Add Vista Administrative Tools to the Start Menu

Sometimes as a Network Administrator I get on a home users machine and have to pause for a few seconds to get to the Administrator programs that I use to sort out the day to day trouble regular users get themselves into to. This article will put those administrative tools in Vista at your fingertips […]

Restore Show Desktop Icon to the Quick Launch toolbar

I recently had a friend who was messing around with his desktop and accidentally deleted the Show Desktop icon from his quick launch toolbar. This useful little icon minimizes all open windows so you can get to your desktop quickly. It is not really a application but instead a script that causes all that minimizing […]

Hide Vista System Tray Icons Permanently

If your like me after a few months of loading problems your system tray can get overloaded with icons. There are several ways to handle this but I am going to show you the tactical nuke option. This registry edit will permanently remove all the system tray icons. NOTE : This post discusses changing your […]

Change Vista Start Menu Account Picture

If you want to have a more customized desktop you can change your startmenu picture to something different, either one of the preinstalled ones or one of your own. This change also will be reflected on the welcome screen after bootup for the account picture.

Remove RSS Feeds from the Vista Common Feed List

I was helping a friend of mine at the office with a new install of Vista and he wanted to remove the default RSS feeds from Microsoft that come with the sidebar Gadget. In Vista, Microsoft instituted a new RSS platform that allows a structured way for other programs to use the same feed instead […]

Increase CPU Processor Performance

A default setting in the Windows Vista power setting will throttle your CPU to 50%. Change this setting to unleash your full power: Open your power options menu by typing Power into your Start menu search: Choose the High Performance radio button and close the window There you go a quick and easy way to […]

Modify Where Windows Explorer Opens By Default

You will find one of the things that takes the most getting used to in Vista is the way the explorer window now looks and acts. Windows Explorer by default opens the the logged in users documents folder as you can see: If you want to have more control and have it open in other […]

Enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE for Windows Vista Logon

For the 99% of you that have been using Windows OS systems most of your lives the standard login for several versions have been to use Control+ALT+DELETE key combination to login. This quick walk through will show you how to enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE for Windows Vista. First go to the start menu and type in netplwiz […]

Windows Flip 3D

One of the cooler new graphical features that Vista now has is called Windows Flip 3D. If you have watched any of the hotter television shows during the Vista launch you probably saw the commercial where they recap the episode while flipping through graphic windows. This same functionality now come to your PC! There are […]