January 8, 2016

Add a Personal Folder to the All Programs menu

If you want to organize some of your program shortcuts into specific folders it is quite easy in Windows Vista. Lets walk through it really quickly. Right click on the Start menu button and then choose Explore Note: If you want to have this menu apply to all users choose Explore All Users The Start […]

Change UAC Behavior To Be Less Annoying

Donna at dozleng.com has put up a way to modify they way UAC acts for users. One of the biggest complaints about UAC is the “annoyance” factor. Now if you have been in a sys admin job for any amount of time you will have grown a thick skin to hearing the users complain about […]

Change Vista Internet Time Server

By default Windows Vista is setup to synchornize with an Internet Time Server. This allows the computer to update its time automatically. This does require access to the internet using UDP port 123 and can be blocked if your firewall is not configured properly. If you want to change your time server for any reason […]