December 1, 2020

Expanded Warranty for Xbox 360 Owners

Microsoft issued a press release today that extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 console. Any Xbox 360 customer who experiences a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights will now be covered by a three year warranty from date of purchase. All other existing Xbox 360 warranty policies remain in place. I […]

Remove RSS Feeds from the Vista Common Feed List

I was helping a friend of mine at the office with a new install of Vista and he wanted to remove the default RSS feeds from Microsoft that come with the sidebar Gadget. In Vista, Microsoft instituted a new RSS platform that allows a structured way for other programs to use the same feed instead […]

Virtual Vista Released

Per one of my favorite authors Derek Torres at Unofficial Vista site you can get a 30-day evalualtion of Vista Enterprise via virtualization. Download Microsoft Windows Vista 30-Day Eval VHD

Increase CPU Processor Performance

A default setting in the Windows Vista power setting will throttle your CPU to 50%. Change this setting to unleash your full power: Open your power options menu by typing Power into your Start menu search: Choose the High Performance radio button and close the window There you go a quick and easy way to […]

Vista Problems with ISA Firewall and SBS Premium

If you have Vista users that need to access ISA Firewall or SBS Premium you can get an updated firewall client for Windows Vista. Download – Firewall Client for ISA Server Taken from the site here is what the client is for: Firewall Client for ISA Server can be optionally installed on client computers protected […]

Modify Where Windows Explorer Opens By Default

You will find one of the things that takes the most getting used to in Vista is the way the explorer window now looks and acts. Windows Explorer by default opens the the logged in users documents folder as you can see: If you want to have more control and have it open in other […]

Get Your CCNA for Free!

Not exactly Vista related but there is a great promotion going on over at Train Signal. They are going to be giving away the following: 2 Routers 1 Switch 1 hour with a CCIE Train Signal CCNA Training Cost of Exam All you have to do in return is blog about your training experience and […]

Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool Released

Thanks to a post by Stuart over at The Unofficial Blog of the Unofficial Guide to Windows Vista I saw that Microsoft released a tool that can show what types of technology your current home router using NAT may be able to support from the Windows Vista operating system. Lets run through and see what […]

Enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE for Windows Vista Logon

For the 99% of you that have been using Windows OS systems most of your lives the standard login for several versions have been to use Control+ALT+DELETE key combination to login. This quick walk through will show you how to enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE for Windows Vista. First go to the start menu and type in netplwiz […]

Windows Vista Resource Kit Released

As with all the major corporate releases of Microsoft Operating Systems, Vista has its own dedicated resource kit. These kits are invaluable to a corporate administrators that need to automate deployment and customize an OS for specific corporate users. For the Vista Resource Kit, Microsoft leveraged their MVPs to help with expert insights from professionals […]